To use service you need to register by filling out a short form; you will receive an email, and by clicking on the link in the email your account activation will be confirmed. In case of uncertainty whether or not you have received the e-mail, please check out your spam folder as well.


To install , simply click on the download button and then follow the installation process as prompted. At the end, an icon will be created on desktop or in the selected destination folder.


You can run using the file on the home page for single use, in this way you can open the application from each computer without installing the application.


Once you have downloaded the app, it will be possible to use just by logging in. Audio and video configuration procedure will popup only at first login, and it can then be accessed at any time by clicking on the . A note for the Apple users: if you have setup a high level of security settings on Mac: please open by right clicking, and then > Open


To login you must enter the registration email and your password, you can also memorize them by ticking ' remember my data ' and automatically connect by ticking ' autologin '.


Using the icon, you can add friends to your contact list by entering your friend's email address. If the friend is not registered he will receive an email containing a temporary link with which he can access for 24 hours to the application, after this time will be able to register his email definitively and log in at all times. When you receive a friend request it appear in the friends list and you can accept or reject the friendship.


To start a video call with a friend, simply double-click on his name or click . It's possible to invite other friends into the on-going video conference, up to a maximum of three simultaneously. Using the , and icons, you can disable/enable the microphone, video, and full screen function. The symbol indicates a missed call, clicking it you can call back the friend.


To send a message click , the icon appear only if the friend is online on the right of he’s name. Sending messages is only possible between connected users, with the purpose of ensuring privacy your message don't waits on the server. For the same reason the conversation history is saved only on computer from which the message is sent/received. When you receive a message from a friend appears to the left of the friend's name, to see the message and respond click .